If you use AWS Resource Tags for your resources, we've made it quick and easy to allocate costs in Stax by allowing you choose to allocate your AWS costs automatically based on a specified tag key. 

When creating a new View in Stax,  simply set the tag key you'd like to use to allocate costs, and Stax will automatically create segments and allocate costs based on the tag values that exist for that key. 

As you tag more resources with that tag key, Stax will pick those tags up and allocate the resources accordingly, so you don't need to update Stax every time you use a new tag value.

In Views, simply click 'New View'.

Give the new view a name.

Tell us which tag key we should use. This is case-sensitive! For best results, check the tag keys you're using in Explore Data.

Choose 'Quick Mapping'

Then select 'A new segment based on the project tag value' to ensure that any new tags automatically have segments created for them.

You can manually change the segment that tags get mapped to, for example if there are typos, but setting up a view like this saves lots of time!

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