You can view your AWS spend across your business at a high level on the Home Page; and in more detail on the Cost Breakdown table on the Cost Page.

Gain visibility over how much each part of your business is spending in AWS with a view of your AWS cost, broken down by segment. 

Home Page: high level view of spend per segment:

Cost page: Detailed view of spend per segment, over time: 

Track spend against team or project budgets in the Financial Year view, and see how much you're estimated to spend per segment for the full Financial Year. Cost Breakdown is handy for comparing spend across multiple parts of your business.

Use the .csv download to extract a report of this spend, to feed into your monthly cost reporting cycle.  

Unallocated resources

Anything that falls into the ‘Unallocated’ segment, doesn’t match any of the rules that are setup in App Views

If you allocate costs based on AWS Accounts, unallocated costs are usually so because a rule hasn’t been setup that matches those resources (e.g. an account hasn’t been allocated). You can fix this in Cost Allocation Settings. 

If you allocate costs based on AWS Resource tags costs may be unallocated due to a few reasons:

  • A rule hasn’t been setup in Cost Allocation Settings to allocate one or more tags;
  • Your AWS resources aren’t tagged correctly, or at all; 
  • There are resources that can’t be tagged, that don’t fit into one of your other Cost Allocation rules. You can setup a shared cost rule for these resources, so they’re allocated across your business in a way that aligns to your accounting practises.

If you want to see which resources are currently Unallocated, you can visit Explore Data and filter for 'unallocated' in the view of your choice. Based on this, there will hopefully be something you can use to allocate those resources!

We’re always happy to help with getting Cost Allocation right, so if you need some help just sing out to

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