Stax will alert you if there is a spike in your AWS usage run rate, so that you’re aware when your usage pattern changes significantly. Cost spikes might be expected, e.g. if you have a significant load even that you’ve planned for; however they might be unexpected, in which case you’ll need to take a closer look. 

To investigate, head to the Cost Dashboard page and toggle the Usage Cost chart to the daily view. You’ll see here your usage pattern and how it’s changing over time. A spike in usage might look something like this:

Start by clicking on the day in question, to see which services have increased significantly.

To drill down further and figure out exactly which resources have contributed to the cost spike, click on ‘Explore Data’ which will take you to a list of the specific resources that have contributed to the increase in cost for the AWS Service in question. This view will help you to narrow down your findings, so that you can determine what (or who!) caused the spike, and take action if needed. 

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