How do you know if you’re doing AWS ‘right?’. The Cloud Quality page is designed to give you an idea of how you stack up compared to generally accepted best practises in AWS. 

Cloud Quality measures your AWS deployments against a number of best practises, across dimensions such as risk and hygiene. 

We like to think that what you can measure, you can manage. Using our Baseline rules to focus on improving can be a great way to engage your teams in actively improving their AWS practises. (Especially if you can create a little healthy competition across your teams!)

It’s also a good starting point for Stax users who are new to AWS and looking for some best practise guidance.

  • Drill into each check to understand what we’re checking, why it’s important, and see a recommended action to improve;
  • See how your quality score could improve for each check, if you implement the recommended action;
  • Download the details of each check to CSV, so you can share them with your team.

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