One of the key features of Stax Spotlight is being able to cut up your AWS data in a way that aligns to your business structure. That’s why we’ve recently updated how you set up your Views in Settings.   

We’ve made the setup of Views and Segments more intuitive, guiding you through the process of creating Views, Segments and rules to allocate AWS resources to those Segments using one or more dimensions. 

Views are used as filters in every feature in Stax, so you can see your Cost, Compliance, Security, Quality and Wastage profile for different parts of your business.

The main thing that customers usually care about when creating their Organisational Views is cost. Cost Allocation is used to track AWS spend by line of business, team, project or environment, while some organisations also charge their AWS spend back to the business. They can use Views in Stax to track and report on who’s spending what and to give the business visibility of their AWS spend, before they get charged by you at the end of the month.

You can learn how to use the new Organisational Views Settings feature here.

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