We've just updated our Custom Rules page, making it easier to manage compliance to the things you care about in AWS. 

You can now find your rules from the main navigation bar under 'Rules'. 

We've made it easier to identify the biggest issues by adding priorities to rules, dividing your rules into three levels of severity. Each rule has a default severity, which you can modify if you like. 

You can also add categories to rules to keep track of which rules fit within a particular part of your business.

For organisations with a long list of Compliance Rules, we've made it easier to find the ones you care about, by adding a search bar, and the new 'Download All Results" button makes it quicker to get a shareable export of all results, so you don't have to go through each rule one by one. 

And, possibly most importantly, it should be much faster to load! 

You can learn more about Severities and Categories by watching our explainer videos.

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