As a SaaS product, Stax is always making improvements to our platform. We release updates daily, sometimes multiple times per day, to make your experience with Stax more useful. Sometimes we forget to let you know when we've made a big change, and sometimes small changes end up making a big difference over time, so in the spirit of 'Year in Retrospect' articles, we thought it would be useful to show you how far things have come over the past 12 months.

We've recently made creating new views a lot easier and intuitive so you can better organise your AWS services. We also started automatically creating an AWS Account View for new customers when they sign up. 

Automatic views will automatically create new segments whenever new accounts/tags/etc. that are used to create your segments show up. This means less admin overhead for you! If you're seeing a little blue A next to your view, it's automatic. If you're not, and you want some help creating an automatic view, let me know!

We re-wrote some of the code behind our rules engine so it runs more efficiently. We also added 50+ new configurable rules and re-designed the rules pages to make it easier to find the rules that matter to you and assign them priority and severity. We also made it easy to make exceptions to rules within the app.

Reserved Instances
We added a page that shows both your EC2 RI coverage and some recommendations on which EC2 RIs to purchase to reduce your AWS bill, including where to focus your efforts.

Cost Widgets
We added a few more widgets to the Cost page. The most popular ones have been the data transfer breakdown widget and the payment method widgets, so you can see on-demand vs spot and reserved.

We've made it easier to set annual and monthly budgets based on the views and segments you create. You can also still get alerts for cost spikes and when it looks like you're going to go over your budget.

Shared Costs
When we improved how to create views, we also updated how to allocate Shared Costs. If you have costs, like Route 53, that you want to share across different segments in your business, this is now easy to set up.

We've updated Wastage to give you a sense of how much you're wasting in AWS day to day and month-to-date, and not just in the previous calendar month. You can also go back in time to see your detailed wastage for previous months and get the same detailed wastage reports for the current month so you can be more proactive in stopping wastage and reducing your AWS bill.

If you have any questions about any of these, want more details or want a refresher demo, please reach out! 

We have lots more planned for the new year- we'll send updates on big features as they come!

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