There are two ways you can set and view your budgets within Stax. When you look at your Cost page, you'll see the budget displayed differently depending how you've set things up.

There's an organisation budget that lives in settings > admin settings > general settings

When you set the organisation budget, you'll see a black line displayed on the Cost page when you don't have any global filters set.

The other way of setting budgets is by team, cost centre, or whatever you've got your views set up to show!

If you head to Views and select the view you want to add budgets to, you can then select 'Monthly Budgets' and you'll end up at the screen below-

You have the option to set a budget for Only Usage Costs (recommended) or for All Allocated Costs. 

What's the difference?

  • Usage costs are what you see on the cost page when you haven't turned on financial filters. This is the blue view.
  • All Allocated Costs budgets will only show up when you switch on financial filters on the cost page.

By default, we'll take your annual budget and divide by 12, but if you have a seasonal business, you might prefer to enter monthly budgets.

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