We know you love Stax Spotlight, but what if we told you we could make it better? 

Turns out we can.

The Stax team are all about making sure you can get the most out of our product, no matter how you’re using it. We want to deliver the very best platform for you, so you can save time and money. 

Our latest change is now live.

What has changed?

The Stax Spotlight console interface has now moved from a top navigation to a left-hand navigation.

The feature titles, behavior and hierarchy are all unchanged and you'll still find all your most-used features and reports where you left them. Hit the arrow next to your organisation name to access settings.

Who does this change affect?

This change has been made for all Stax Spotlight users.

Why are you making these changes?

We’re making this console refresh as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the overall Stax Spotlight experience.

This interface refresh offers a cleaner, more intuitive look, conserving page space and allowing more room for new features as our our feature set expands.

Where is x feature?

Stax Spotlight’s feature set, hierarchy and URL schema is unchanged, you can find features and reports under their respective headings under the section titles. Your bookmarks will also function as expected.

To manage your team, hit the arrow next to your organisation name to trigger a dropdown with settings and team management options.

Can I revert to the old look?

This console refresh is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the overall Stax Spotlight experience, and allows us to expand the feature set in line with our product roadmap. 

Just like making a new friend, it can take a while to get to know each other, and we’re sure you and your new interface will be best pals in no time. After all, we’ve made the changes for the greater good, so you can enjoy an even better Stax Spotlight experience as we roll out new features. 

If you have feedback or concerns with the change, please click below to start a conversation, or email support@stax.io.

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