Get a better handle on your quality, with our redesigned quality assessment.

Being the best in a dynamic environment such AWS can be challenging. At Stax, we want to make best practise in AWS easier to reach.

Our quality assessment brings a comprehensive set of automated best practise checks into one place. We lean heavily on industry guidelines for best practise, our experience and our pals at AWS to curate this list, and we’ll continue to add to it over time.

We’ve redesigned the assessment to make it much more accessible, adding more contextual information to enable action and education of your teams as they improve how they operate in AWS:

  • Drill into each check to understand what we’re checking, why it’s important, and see a recommended action to improve;
  • See how your quality score could improve for each check, if you implement the recommended action;
  • Download the details of each check to CSV, so you can share them with your team.
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