You can create multiple views to filter Stax with using the Global Filters, and for comparison on the Home and Cost Pages.

Your main view of the world might be Team, but you also want to be able to view your AWS data up by Environment, to understand how your cost and risk profile looks between Production and Non-Production, across all Divisions. 

Simply create a new view in Views, define the Segments within the View, and setup the rules you need to allocate metrics to that View.

How do I create a new View?

Select "New View" on the sidebar of Organisation Views, then create segments, and rules to allocate metrics to those segments.

You can edit view names by clicking 'check details' and clicking the pencil next to the view name

or delete views using the menu button:

The dimensions are what you use to filter data in Stax, as well as the segments displayed on the Cost Breakdown table on the Cost Page.

  1. Define dimensions

Start with defining the dimensions that you’ll use to filter the data in Stax. For example, if the view you are creating is ‘Cost Centre’, enter the names of each cost centre that consumes AWS resources.

    2. Add budgets to Views

You can add a budget for each segment as well. This budget, and variance to budget, will be tracked on the Cost page on the Total Cost chart & Cost Breakdown table. If you don't have a budget for a segment, just leave it blank.

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