One of our most valuable but often unnoticed features in Stax that is that we give you access to much more detailed information than you get in the hero numbers and widgets. This data is useful for when you need to take action or discuss specifics with your teams.

Explore Data gives you visibility of the resources you've been billed for in a given month, filterable by multiple dimensions including the views you've already created in Stax, and AWS resource tags.

Some examples of how you could use Explore Data:

- Viewing all 'Unallocated' resources, so you can see which resources need to be tagged so they can be allocated correctly in Stax;

- Searching for specific resources to see who they belong to (which AWS account or Stax category, e.g. Division);

- Getting down to the details of what is/was running in a specific region, account, or division.

The data can be exported to .csv, allowing you to explore it in tools like Excel, or to share it with your colleagues.

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