The cost of EBS snapshots is a recurrent issue in AWS. This new feature helps to shine a light on the cost and usage of EBS broken down by volume type, including the cost of snapshots stored in S3.

It’s easy for the cost of snapshots to get out of control, if you don’t have proper visibility of how much you’re spending on snapshots compared to volumes. You can find the EBS Storage feature at the bottom of the Cost page.

Using the new global filters (under the beta toggle in the filter dropdown) to filter the cost page will point you to which division, project, or stack you may need to focus in on to keep snapshot costs under control – unless it’s across the board!

If you have a high cost of snapshots compared to volumes, you may be keeping them for longer than you need to. Take a look at the Quality assessment, under “Hygiene”. The snapshots quality check shows all snapshots that are older than 28 days. Use this list as a starting point for removing snapshots that you don’t need to keep; and look to setup a process to regularly delete snapshots that you no longer need.

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