You can create multiple views to filter Stax with using the Global Filters, for comparison on the Home page and for Cost Allocation and chargeback activities.

You might want to view your data by Business Division, or by Environment. Simply create a new view by going to the Views page, selecting 'New View', defining the segments within the view, and setting up the rules you need to allocate metrics to that view.

What can I use to create my Views?

You can use AWS accounts, resource tags, services, usage codes, and region information to create powerful and granular filters for your data that work across, or within, AWS accounts. 

The filters are created with the rules that generate your segments.

How do I use these views in Stax?

  1. Filter all of Stax to specific views/categories using the Global Filter drop down:

2. Compare multiple metrics across views/categories on the Home Page in Comparative View, keeping across your overall health of your AWS environment across your business: 

3. Use the Cost Breakdown table on the Cost Page for showback and chargeback activities, monitoring and reporting on your AWS spend by team, cost centre, division or project.

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