Want to check that your production storage in AWS is encrypted? What about making sure that all your resources have a “Project” tag? Snapshots used for dev environments are deleted after 30 days? Each organisation has different security, hygiene, or best practise policies, and until now checking and proving adherence to them has been hard. 

Custom Rules enable you to ensure your teams are aligning to your internal policies when working in AWS. Build a unique compliance rule set from a pre-defined list of templates, and decide where in your organisation to assign each rule.

Rules are configurable to the parameters that work for you - so you don’t have to track and enforce a rule that’s unrealistic or irrelevant to your business. External compliance can be useful as a guideline, but it doesn't allow for organsation-specific needs, policies or requirements. 

Custom Rules allow you create guardrails for your organisation - enabling configuration of automated checks based on rules and parameters that align to internal policy; and providing visibility of compliance status to external stakeholders. It stores policy and guardrail compliance status over time, and allows the quality of this compliance to be compared across teams and units.

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