Welcome to Stax! Stax gives you visibility and insight into all things AWS, aggregating data across multiple AWS accounts.

Whether you care about the cost, compliance, or quality of your AWS deployments, Stax's easy to view dashboards show you how you're tracking, and drill down to the detail you need to improve. 

Getting Started With Stax

Stax is designed to give you value out of the box - no-one wants to spend hours configuring a new app! But there are a few things that you can do to make your experience of Stax even better, and this guide and our support team is here to help. We also have a YouTube channel with explainer videos if you're more of a 'show me how' person.

Explore your organisation's AWS data by team: 

Views in Stax drive how you view your AWS information, and allow you to compare across, and filter down, to different parts of your business - within, or across AWS accounts. 

  • Compare how divisions/teams/projects stack up across multiple metrics on the Home page.
  • Use the Global filters to filter everything in Stax to specific divisions, teams, projects or environments.
  • Set these views / categories up using a powerful combination of AWS Account, Tags, Services and Usage Codes to allocate resources in Views. If you don't have access to these settings, email support@stax.io and we'll get it setup straight away.
  • Want to see Stax data, and get alerts / reports only for your team? Setup a default view to only see data you care about

Setup your Compliance Rules

Configurable Rules ensure that your internal policies are being adhered to in AWS, with a configurable ruleset of automated compliance checks.
Whether you want to ensure security, good hygiene or efficiency, our configurable rules help you quickly identify non-compliance, and track compliance status over time.

Alerting & Reporting

Stax has your back! It'll send you regular summary reports so you can keep on top of your AWS cost, compliance and quality without having to login all the time. 

Stax will also alert you in the following scenarios:

  • When you get close to reaching your total budget.
  • If your daily cost run rate spikes above an expected threshold.
  • If one of your Compliance Rules results changes
  • If something changes in your AWS environment that changes your CIS Benchmark score.
  • If you're close to hitting your On Demand Instance limit in an account. 

Set up Single Sign On for access to Stax 

If you want to federate access to Stax, we can support most methods, including ADFS, Okta, Google, and many more. If you'd like to get this setup, just email support@stax.io and we'll send you the info you need to get started. 

Get your team onboard!

Now that Stax is setup and ready to go, you can invite your colleagues from within the app. If you run into any problems, just let us know at support@stax.io.

Next up: Learn more about our recently released features

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