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Deprecation of the stax-audit-bus EventBridge rule

Stax announced the deprecation of thestax-audit-busEventBridge rule.

The stax-audit-busEventBridge rule exists in Stax-supported regions across all AWS accounts (except the Securityaccount). The rule sends AWS-generated events from each region in each account to the corresponding region in the Security account. This rule is designed to help you consolidate events and monitor them from a central account.

Due to throttling limits and an increase in the number of events being generated by AWS services, this event pattern is no longer a viable option for event management. As a result, Stax will no longer be supporting the maintenance of this rule.

After 5 February 2024, the stax-audit-busrule will be removed from all Stax-managed AWS accounts.

How to prepare for the change

To continue receiving events that the stax-audit-busEventBridge rule is sending to the Security account, AWS recommends that you create an EventBridge rule for each individual event that you would like to receive.