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Datadog Connection Preview Program

A Datadog Connection is available to Stax customers as a private preview feature. Customers on the private preview program will have the opportunity for early access to the feature, as well as any new updates as they are released. Customers are invited to provide feedback and help shape the feature before it is made generally available. In private preview, the Stax service level agreement does not apply.

To find out more about Stax Connections, read more here.

What to expect

Stax follows Datadog's recommended approach for integrating a multi-account AWS environment. By enabling the Datadog Connection, Stax automates the enrollment of AWS accounts and deploys Datadog’s IAM role into the accounts you select. This instantly enables Cloudwatch metrics to be sent to your Datadog instance for AWS infrastructure monitoring.

Account enrollment

While the Datadog Connection is in private preview, you will be able to enroll up to 5 accounts. This limit will not apply when the feature is generally available.

If you wish to change the accounts selected for the Connection, you are able to delete the Connection and redeploy with the new accounts selected.

Resource deployment

Stax handles the deployment mechanism to deploy Datadog's integration IAM role into each of your selected accounts. While IAM roles are a global resource, this only needs to be deployed into one region. By default, Stax will deploy the IAM roles in your Stax installation region.

If you have specific requirements, please let your Customer Success Manager know or raise a support case.

Providing feedback while on the preview

While on the preview program, someone from Stax may reach out to hear your feedback on the new feature. To provide any other feedback at any time, contact your Customer Success Manager or fill out the feedback form.

Getting started

Join the preview

To access the Datadog Connection preview program, contact your Customer Success Manager or raise a support case.

Before you begin

Connections requires you to have an existing instance or account with the provider. If you don't have an instance, most solutions offer quick installation via AWS Marketplace.

Other requirements include:

  • Ensure you have installed the Amazon Web Services integration tile in your Datadog console

  • Ensure the DatadogIntegrationRole IAM role does not already exist in the accounts you wish to connect

  • Ensure the account you wish to connect does not already appear in your Datadog console

  • Ensure you are a member of the Adminrolein your Stax tenancy

Deploy the Datadog Connection

  1. Log in to the Stax Console

  2. Click **Connections **in the left-hand nav

  3. Select Datadog from the Connections Catalog

  4. Review details of the Connection

  5. Click Get started

  6. Copy and paste your Datadog API Key and Application Keyinto the provided fields (you can find these details under Organization Settings in your Datadog console), then choose Continue

  7. Select accounts to connect, then choose Continue

  8. Review deployment details, then select the checkbox to confirm the deployment

Account enrollment to Datadog will immediately begin and the Datadog IAM role will be deployed to each of these accounts. This should take a few minutes. You can refresh to the page to see the updated status. Once deployment is complete, go to your Datadog organization to view your metrics.

Delete a Connection

  1. Select Datadog under Deployed Connections on the Connections Catalog

  2. Click the delete icon

  3. Choose Confirm to confirm the deletion

Once the deletion process begins, accounts will be unenrolled from Datadog and the resources deployed by the Connection will be removed. The Datadog Connection will be available in the Connections Catalog to redeploy. Note: If an account you've connected has been closed before the time of this deletion, or if the API key provided is no longer authorized, the process may fail. If you experience any issues, please raise a support case.