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Stax Console Navigation Update

The new Stax Console has a completely redesigned navigation experience. It's designed to make the most commonly used features accessible easily.

The Activity and Accounts sections have been combined into a new Organization section, which now features an improved search functionality. Foundation Services has been added to this section as well. The Policies feature has been renamed to Service Control Policies in line with AWS's naming of this capability.

The Datapage now resides within the Cost section as Raw Data. What was previously the Cost & Compliance Dashboard is now Comparative Data within the Cost section.

The Rules page has been renamed to Compliance.

Notificationsand *Identity*are both now available in the main navigation pane.

Permission Sets and Account Types are now within the Identity section.

To find Viewsand Stax Events, check out the new Settings menu item.

To update your profile, or to log out, you'll now find a drop-down profile menu on the top right-hand corner of the page.