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Stax Installation Regions

Stax provides multiple installations across geographic regions. To log in to Stax, choose the Console Login URLbelow for your selected Stax installation region.

Stax Installation Region Details

The following Stax installations are available for selection when signing up to Stax. AWS usage is not limited to these regions, it simply denotes the region your Stax tenancy's control plane will be located in.

Stax InstallationConsole Login URLAWS RegionShort Installation IDAccount Number
stax-au1Click hereap-southeast-2au1517242832086
stax-eu1Click hereeu-central-1eu1329530014437
stax-us1Click hereus-east-2us1142467058350

Stax Installation: The identifier of the individual Stax installation

AWS Region: The AWS Region in which the Stax installation is based

Short Installation ID: This identifier is used in some programmatic contexts

Control Plane Account Number: This is the AWS account number used by the control plane. This is required for use with Workloads and some other orchestration capabilities

Console URL: This URL takes you directly to log in to the Stax Console for tenancies located in this Stax installation