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📄️ About Accounts

The Stax Accounts feature allows you to securely and easily create, view and centrally manage your AWS Accounts and get started deploying applications, workloads and resources. You can create and manage accounts within the Stax console or via the Stax API to gather detailed information about your accounts, onboard any existing accounts living outside of Stax, and apply AWS service control policies. You have SSO access to the AWS Console/CLI for these accounts through Stax if you wish to natively utilize the AWS services.

📄️ Understanding the StaxManagement Role

From time to time, Stax automation will make updates to Stax-managed AWS accounts. Updates are most commonly applied by the Stax Assurance process. The updates may include improved security controls, additional features, or just routine maintenance. Stax leverages IAM roles to apply these updates and manages these roles in accordance with the principle of least privilege. There are different roles used from time to time for specific tasks. A list of these is available by reviewing Stax Management Roles below.

📄️ Using Organizational Units in Stax

Stax provides users with the ability to manage AWS Organizational Units (OUs) natively within the console or API/SDK. OUs are important building blocks that allow you to organize your accounts into a hierarchy and apply management controls against that heirarchy. Stax recommends that you utilise OUs as part of your Organizational structure and adhere to the best practices outlined by AWS. An important use case for OUs is the management of AWS account access permissions, which can be done via service control policies (SCPs).