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Understanding the Stax Onboarding Questionnaire

When your organization chooses to use Stax, the Customer Success team will reach out to complete an onboarding questionnaire. This is a series of questions that are used to provision your Stax tenancy ready for your specific AWS use case. While each questionnaire may differ slightly, this document aims to provide some extra detail around the common questions you will be asked. It will also assist you to prepare answers to questions in advance to ensure a fast and smooth onboarding experience.

If the questions below are unclear, your representative from Customer Success will be more than capable to assist you further in understanding them.

Typical Onboarding Questions

Do you have an existing AWS Organization?

Do you already have an AWS account or Organization in use that you want to re-use? If you're entering into an account ownership model whereby a reseller is involved and will own your management account, you may choose to create a new AWS Organization for your Stax-managed workloads.

  • Yes, use an existing AWS organization

  • No, no existing AWS organization exists, one should be created

Which Stax Installation Region should the Stax tenancy be based in?

The Stax Installation Region refers to the region in which the Stax Control Plane managing the Stax tenancy resides in. This does not limit operation or usage of AWS services in supported regions, simply where the tenancy itself is managed from. Generally, as a convention, organizations choose the Installation Region that is most closely located to their main operations.

  • Provide the identifier of the Stax Installation Region to be utilized

Which AWS Support Plan will be used?

You must choose an AWS Support Plan to cover your AWS accounts managed by Stax. Visit Compare AWS Support Plans for details on the individual plans, and How to Apply AWS Support Plans to your AWS Accounts for more details on how these plans are applied to Stax-managed AWS accounts. Nominate an AWS support plan to be assigned to your AWS accounts after considering the two documents above:

  • Basic

  • Developer

  • Business

  • Enterprise

Choose an Organization Alias

The organization alias represents your AWS Organization and Stax tenancy within Stax. It cannot be changed later and must meet certain constraints. It is common to choose either the organization's name, or for larger organizations with many AWS Organizations or the risk of an organizational rename, a codename or other less specific identifier. Prepare to nominate an organization alias for your Stax tenancy.

Management Account Number and Email Address

The Management Account resides at the logical "top" of each AWS Organization. Stax integrates with this management account to perform its management tasks. To integrate with the management account, you must provide the:

  • AWS account number of the management account

  • Email address of the root user credential for the management account

Email Address Template

When Stax creates new AWS accounts on your behalf, it needs to specify the email address of each account's root user credential. You'll need to provide a valid email address template that delivers to your organization. Review Stax-managed AWS Account Email Address Format for more details on how to construct the template.

Partner-Led Support Provider

If you'll be entering into Partner-Led AWS Support, you'll need to nominate the partner responsible for providing this support at the time of onboarding.

When onboarding AWS organizations, because of their individuality, from time to time automated onboarding processes can encounter challenges. While usually simple to resolve, they do require investigation. This investigation can increase the time it takes to complete the onboarding to Stax. As part of the onboarding questionnaire, you will have the ability to consent to, for the purpose of onboarding only, Stax engineers accessing your management account to diagnose any onboarding failures that may occur.

You do not have to consent to this process, however please discuss this with your Customer Success representative during onboarding to understand the potential for delays.

First Invited Administrator

When the Stax tenancy is created, the first administrator, as nominated by you, will receive an email invitation to log in to Stax. From there they'll be able to invite further administrators and also Configure Single Sign-On if desired. This should be an actual person, rather than a service account. This account is no different to any administrator account created later, it's simply the first person to receive an invitation.