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Getting Started with Stax

Before you get started, it's important to understand what Stax is, and how it helps to manage your AWS environment. Read an overview of Stax's capabilities to learn where Stax can help.

Once you understand Stax's capabilities, you can begin using Stax. You can perform the tasks below in order to get going quickly with Stax or, if you have experience with Stax, perform tasks in the most suitable order for your own needs.

  1. (Recommended) Configure MFA on your Stax user account

  2. (Optional) Invite additional users to Stax or configure Single Sign-On for managing access to Stax

    1. Create a Group
    2. Create a Permission Set
  3. Log in to the Stax Console

  4. (Recommended) Configure AWS access to your Foundation Accountsby following the below steps: 3. Create a Permission Set Assignment by mapping the newly created Group with the foundation-logging, foundation-security and foundation-management Account Types

  5. (Recommended) Configure Security Hub across your AWS Organization

  6. (Recommended) Configure GuardDuty across your AWS Organization

  7. (Recommended) Create a set of Account Types to logically group your AWS Accounts in order to leverage Stax Policies

  8. (Optional) Create or onboard your first AWS Account

  9. (Optional) Configure Policies to manage permissions in your AWS Accounts

  10. (Recommended) Activate Rule Bundles to keep your environment in check

  11. (Recommended) Review your cost and Wastage to ensure you optimise your usage of AWS services

  12. (Optional) Deploy a Networking Hub for an automated and highly secure network topology

  13. (Optional) Subscribe to the Changelog to be advised of changes to Stax, and Check the Status of Stax to be made aware of any outages or scheduled maintenance.