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Log In to the Stax Console

When you're first granted access to Stax, you'll receive an invitation email which includes a login URL and an Organization Alias name to use to log in to your Stax tenancy. The URL can vary from organization to organization, so make sure you're using the URL provided to you.

Console login pages are region-specific based on where your Stax tenancy is based. See Stax Installation Regions for a list of regions and their associated Console login URLs. If your AWS Organization is not Stax-managed, visit the Stax Cost & Compliance module login page at

Logging in for the First Time

  1. Open your invitation email from Stax (The email will come from or, depending on your installation region)

  2. Choose Join

  3. At the email verification prompt, choose Continue to verify your email address

  4. Enter a secure password that is compliant with the Password Policy for Stax Users

  5. Choose Continue to Stax or navigate to your Console URL (See Stax Installation Regions to retrieve your Console URL)

  6. Enter your Organization Alias, then choose Log in

  7. Either enter your username and password or, if your organization uses Single Sign-On, choose the Continue with Corporate ID button

Account Already Exists with Corporate ID

If this isn't your first time logging into the Stax console but it is your first time using your corporate identity, you may receive a message; "Account already exists".

To proceed with using your corporate identity with the same email address previously used, you will need to link your external identity account to your existing profile in Stax. To link your accounts:

  1. Choose Link to existing account

  2. Check your email inbox and open the verification email

  3. Choose Link Corporate ID

  4. Choose Continue to confirm linking your email address and corporate identity

  5. Choose Continue to Stax

To proceed with using your corporate identity with a different email address than previously used, ask an administrator of your Stax tenancy to deactivate your existing User in the Stax console and then log in using your corporate identity email address.