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Adding and Managing Users in the Cost and Compliance Module

Invite your colleagues to Stax so they can gain value from the cost and compliance insights Stax provides.


This guidance assumes you're subscribed only to the Cost & Compliance module of Stax. If your AWS accounts are Stax-managed, review this article instead.

Before You Begin

  • To add or manage users in Stax , you'll need to be a member of the admin role

  • If you're using Single Sign-On with Stax, a user's role will automatically be determined when they log in, and you do not need to follow this guidance

Get Started

  1. Log in to the Stax console

  2. From the left-hand nav, choose the drop-down menu next to your organization's name

  3. Choose Users from the menu

  4. Choose the Invite button then enter the email address of the user to be invited, as well as their role in Stax

  5. Choose Save to dispatch the invitation

The user will receive an email inviting them to set a password and log in to Stax