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Stax Changelog

The Stax changelog is a crucial resource for staying informed about updates, improvements, fixes, breaking changes, and new features within the Stax platform.

Accessing the Stax changelog

  1. Navigate to the Stax changelog

  2. You will find a chronological list of updates and releases categorized by date

  3. You can search by keyword, by change type (label), or view changelog announcements by month

How to use the Stax changelog

By effectively utilizing the changelog, you can ensure that your organization remains informed, adaptable, and strategically positioned to leverage the latest features and improvements. Use the information provided in the changelog to plan for Stax updates, new feature releases, and breaking changes that may impact your workflows or processes. Evaluate new features or improvements to determine how they may benefit your organization.

Providing feedback

If you encounter any issues or have feedback on a Stax changelog announcement, you can provide your reaction, as well as send us your feedback on specific changelog announcements.


Staying informed of Stax changelog announcements is paramount to ensure you're informed of any changes that may impact your organization or updates that require action. Simply click the Subscribe to Updates button on the Stax changelog to opt-in for notifications via email, Slack, or RSS feeds.

Viewing new changelog announcements from within Stax

Navigate to the Organizations page in the Stax Console to view the latest Stax changelog announcements. If you are only subscribed to the Cost & Compliance module, you can access the Stax Changelog here.