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Create a Permission Set Assignment

Permission Set Assignments permit users to utilize the permissions afforded by a Permission Set within a Stax-managed AWS account. Before creating an assignment, ensure the Account Type, Group, and Permission Set to be assigned access to are created.

  1. Log in to the Stax Console

  2. Choose Identity in the left-hand nav, then choose Permission Sets

  3. From the list of Permission Sets, locate the desired Permission Set and choose** Assignments **to view the Permission Set's existing assignments, if any permission-sets-overview.png

  4. Choose the Account Type and group to assign the Permission Set to, then choose **Assign **to add the assignment permission-sets-assignments.png

The Permission Set Assignment will take a few minutes to deploy. Once deployment completes, its status will change to DEPLOYMENT_COMPLETE.


When a user in the group next attempts to log in to an AWS account in the specified Account Type, they will see an additional option to log in using the Permission Set.